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Child Safety "invisible killer" - stroller accident can not be ignored(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-07-10
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AQSIQ 22, published "China's urban consumer awareness of safe stroller Survey Results", stroller consumer product safety situation is not optimistic.

10.6% of the surveyed households happened. "Stroller accident" relative lack of safety knowledge

AQSIQ defective product management center selected 16 primary schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Wuhan and five cities, 15 kindergartens parents aged 3 to 12 years of age for children for the survey. It found that 10.6 percent of the surveyed households in the use of the stroller during the event there had been injuries or dangerous situations, stroller consumer product safety situation is not optimistic on 5350 valid questionnaires by statistical analysis.

AQSIQ 严冯敏 Enforcement Supervision Division, said: "Despite the high degree of concern for parents stroller product quality and safety, but the relative lack of knowledge."

The survey found that: 47.6 percent of parents do not know, "Childs products must undergo compulsory product certification (3C certification) to the factory, sold, imported or used in other business activities," this provision.

At the same time, only 44.75% of the parents knew States have enacted child bicycle safety standards; and for children tricycles, strollers, baby walkers and motorized stroller safety standards, low awareness, 11.8 %, 17.2%, 15.0% and 11.3%.

Whether small parts, sharp tip, dangerous gaps exist brakes on the stroller, folding or locking mechanism is valid, the frame member is solid, exercise and other security projects is stable, there are more than 85% of parents do not know to be checked.

Children can recall defective toys 80% of parents do not know

According Yanping Min, China's already in the car, children's toys, and other fields to establish a defective product recall system. In recent years, AQSIQ issued a number of children's toys from defects (including stroller) recall information.

However, the survey found that 80% of parents do not know, "children's toy recall regulations"; 60.2 percent of the parents "do not know" defective product recall means "in accordance with the procedures and requirements that have already been sold by the producers defective product consumption taking supplements or amendments description, off goods, replacement, repair, and other measures to eliminate the activities of defects. "

In the event of injury or threat of the surveyed households, handled most parents are "self handling", followed by "find vendors" and "find manufacturers", compared to the associations or the quality supervision department complaints were only 11.7% and 5.1%.

Many parents said the government recalled children's products safety management and to increase consumer knowledge propaganda is very important to the implementation of children's products for defects.

How science purchase, the safe use of the stroller?

Childs children growing up in an indispensable product, in order to improve the safety of consumer awareness and guardians to guide scientific stroller to buy products, AQSIQ defective product management center organized experts prepared a "stroller consumer safety guidelines."

According to the president of China National Institute of Standardization Malin Cong, from the purchase of the principle point of view, according to the age and stage of development needs of children, to buy different kinds of stroller. To choose a function of a single stroller products, and resolutely refused to buy non-3C flag stroller. At the same time, concern AQSIQ issued product recalls and consumer information warning information in a timely manner stroller away from unsafe products.

So, buy the stroller, to pay attention to what the problem?马林聪 say, pay attention to the safety components on the baby carriage body, with or without shedding of small parts, sharp edges or points, the gap is easy to grip parts of the child's body; rather loose bearing structure is reliable or parts fall off; folding and locking device is effective and reliable; brake (braking device) is valid; dangerous parts for protection; in addition, but also concerned about a safe distance stroller parts, Childs traveling speed and stability as well as hanging on the stroller or incidental small toy safety health

Experts said, should pay attention to daily maintenance stroller, avoid the use of the traffic on the road, when children stroller, caregivers should not leave, should not let stroller assume additional functions, such as suspension parts handle heavy objects, use the stroller luggage, and so many people take the stroller.

Experts advise that if the injury occurred in the course, consumers can report complaints to the quality and technical supervision departments platform 12,365 complaints, may also be defective product management center report to the AQSIQ defective product information.


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